Monday, April 25, 2016


Wriggling on earth, 
The caterpillar looks at the sky,
Mother nature's magic meets his eyes, 
He moans in sadness, thinking, to watch it he will never be able to try, 
Mother nature smiles at his innocence and sighs, 
Then one day, the caterpillar notices a transformation, 
It's almost like reincarnation, 
Wings appear and change his wingless style, 
He thought maybe it's the end of his ugly exile, 
Knowing he could now conquer the sky, 
As He had turned into a butterfly, 
His heart soared awaiting the worldly beauty, 
Still unaware that he himself makes the world a little more pretty!

Monday, March 31, 2014

The elusive love...

A glimpse here and a nudge there,
making its presence felt, 
intermittent and rare.
Like the first few drops of rain, 
after a long and dusty summer, 
The sprinkle and respite, 
mixed in their flavours. 
The erect spine of a new book,
the enchanting whiff of its pages, 
Making me believe I have found 
the wisdom and peace of sages.
Moments of bliss and the seek follows,
like a mirage luring your chase.
I can go on with the 
smilies and metaphors thereof, 
Or I could simply call it, 
The elusive love!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Be a Good News Messiah!

Like a tiny ray of light bursting out of the clouds on a dreary and dull winter day, I stumbled across a website today that made me all cheery and happy. Believe you me, this was quite an incredulous feat as I was working on a Saturday and sulking was the order of the day. Anyhow, I just happened to find this page, the idea of which immediately had me in good spirits.

The website in question is This website is a budding idea and it welcomes each person as a Good News Messiah. The idea behind the website is that, no matter how awful a story is, if you look close and hard enough, you are sure to find a silver lining, sooner or later. Which is what makes each and every person a Good News Messiah. The website gives you a chance to share your story in less than 700 words and then go on to point out how there was a silver lining, no matter how bleak. Share your good news and that will make the readers want to find their silver lining. Be the Messiah in other's life and spread the cheer!

If you think about it, we are in dire need of a revolution like this. No matter where you look, there is a barrage of depressing news and our lives are flooded with them. When we read these stories, we somehow subconsciously, start to think in the similar way. This is probably why it has become really difficult to stay optimistic in this day and age. How beautiful is this idea of being a Good News Messiah in someone else's life and making someone smile!

Share your good news and spread the hope!

A group of youngsters did a short period research on newspaper dailies and found that there just wasn't enough good news. This led to the germination of the idea of providing people a platform where they can share their good news. The news can be about anything, business initiative, personal life, family story or a friendship tale etc. All you need to do in login to the website by filling in a small form and post your good news with a #BTGN which stands for But The Good News Is..

The idea of posting a good news will make you want to think and you will somehow end up finding it at an unlikely place. Like I did. 

Here is my Good News

Articleship is one of the most boring phases of a CA student. You are an underpaid and overworked subordinate and are addressed to as a clerk. I went through it too, and my experience was no different. #BTGN is that those insufferable three and half years were brightened up by the presence of 3 amazing friends I found during that period in the office. We bonded over our miseries and forged a strong bond for life! So, no matter how dark the cloud is, there is a silver lining after all.."

Click on the link and share your good news! You don't know whose day you might end up brightening! 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

In its own time...

Standing alone by the side of a dusty road, 
The tree knows only rain can bring solace, 
The summer is unusually long and hot,
Her parched thoughts doubt nature's grace! 
The dust of the past has her covered in brown, 
She feels dejected and only wears a frown, 
One fine day, a drop plops on a leaf, 
The tree startled finds it hard to believe,  
Soon enough, rain washes off the brown and 
The Green is brought to life again, 
Everything happens in its own time, 
Your own perception makes you see,
And the choice is always between a boon or a bane!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Festival of lights...

With a flurry of lights,
Leaving a trail of smoke behind,
A loud sound is heard beyond a mile.
They celebrate the festival of lights,
Content and with a smile.
Going out and about town
Adorning new clothes,
In various hues and style,
They celebrate the festival of lights,
Content and with a smile.
I look at them wistfully,
And then look at my house,
The goddess of wealth hasn't yet,
Blessed it with her presence,
New clothes, crackers and the works,
Are difficult for a daily wage earner to afford,
As I see the silent yearning in the eyes of my kin,
I know it will be a while,
Before we celebrate the festival of lights,
Content and with a smile!

Even the smallest gesture from your end will go a long way in brightening up someone's Diwali. 

This year, spare some thought and try turning Diwali into a festival of smiles. 

Hope you have a noise free and safe Diwali!